iMovie has made a surge into classroom instruction, in part because of the rapid growth in the field of digital video and partly because of Apple’s superior software design that offers tremendous ease for the user.  Teachers using digital video, in particular iMovie, have provided  an abundance of anecdotal evidence for encouraging individual expression, spawning creativity, revitalizing content, promoting collective knowledge construction and individual reflection, and offering students of a variety of backgrounds and experiences to engage in authentic learning.

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And the nominees are:

Paula Deen Audition-Fruit Salad
Paula Deen Audition-Smores
Science Matter-E
Science Matter-B
Science Matter-A
News Broadcast-AHEJ
Science Energy/Matter J&J
Science Energy/Matter C&G
Science Energy/Matter K&C
Science Energy/Matter J&D
Weather Broadcast TBCSA
Weather Broadcast YTMJ
Russia Trivia
Troy-Ancient Greece LT
Sparta-Ancient Greece TF 
Famous Medieval People 
Ancient Greece SC
Ancient Greece-Sparta BE
Ancient Greece- EE
Ancient Greece- CA
Ancient Greece-JA
Ancient Greece-Megara B
Ancient Greece-
Ancient Greece-Thebes
Rhode Island AM
New York Colony AJ
Georgia Colony
Massachusetts Colony
Georgia Colony JB
Pennsylvania Colony KC
Maryland Colony MJ
Why I am Like I am AF
Biome: Rainforest CB/PL
Genes & Traits BI
Why I am Like I am LT
Why I am Like I am SC
Why I am Like I am TF


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